Wherever you look, there are graphs with an alarmingly sharp spike in new infections, but most of them can’t give you a crucial piece of information: Is the situation really getting better or worse? To answer this question, we have to dive deep into the data of COVID‑19 and find a method on how to detect a possible trend reliably. Thankfully, John Hopkins provides us with detailed and daily updated documents about the spread of the virus expressed in confirmed cases on a worldwide basis. Using Python and libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib, I am going to give…

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A Difficult Question

When a friend recently applied for a job as a developer, all of the recruiters asked him: “What salary do you expect?” It’s a classic poker game where your future salary is at stake. But he has an ace up his sleeve — he is skilled at a very particular programming language.

And I thought, would it matter?

Let’s Talk Numbers

I stumbled across the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019.¹ It’s a massive survey with over 80 questions and nearly 90.000 respondents from all over the world. The authors asked them to list the programming languages they use in a professional context as…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which user will buy the most stuff of them all?

Did you ever have to predict some kind of metric for user engagement, conversion rate, or something similar and wondered, how? No, you don’t need superpowers. Use the power of neural nets instead. The only other thing you need is data. The more, the merrier.

Let me demonstrate the basic idea by using a deep neural net to predict a score, in this case, the overall happiness score of a country, by just using a bunch of more or less related factors. Have a quick look at the data itself:

The dataset comes from the World Happiness Report and…

Tobias Kächele

AI Team Lead with a background in Psychology & Software Engineering

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